Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Time racing by, no time to blog

Due to all sorts of circumstances, it is possible that there will be no blog entries for a few days, unless I find a quote or two for thought.

I do have one from last night's class:

"We derive our identity from who loves (and loved) us, also some from who hates us." H. Swinger, Ph.D.

I am not sure that I agree entirely, but there is something about it that has a touch of truth.

DLJ- 3/09 and 3/01- I can take those trips down memory lane, I just don't do that too often. There were lots of good things, and lots of youthful mistakes made. I am sorry for the painful parts I caused, but without those there were things neither of us would have learned and there wouldn't be a Josh or a Mike in the present.

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