Saturday, March 13, 2004

Spring fever?

My heart hasn't been into studying this quarter. It is in part some of the subject matter, and also in part the fact that I am tired of living in textbook thoughts and want to be doing- hands on. So in that respect, the internship has been perfect. It has been perfect in so many other ways too. There are other things- good things that have kept my mind from being so focused on the words in textbooks and lectures.

But the quarter is ending. There is reading that I still haven't caught up on, case notes for an imaginary case to be re-written, case notes to study to answer ethical/legal questions about for a final and one final exam to study for- all must be done by noon on Monday.

And my heart isn't in any of them. The day is pleasantly warm and full of sun. The sky is pale periwinkle blue dusted lightly with palest gray. There are gentle breezes blowing outside, birds that I can hear, almost no traffic noises and wind chimes sounding gentle notes in small moments.

I want to be outside, walking and taking in all that the day has- maybe walk down to Tujunga Wash and away from buildings and people; I want to touch what was in my head when I woke - lightly but solidly connect -and none of that has anything to do with studying.

Is this spring fever perhaps? Or maybe it is spring fever combined with everything else that yearns for an all senses expression and experience?

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