Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Something about this

I don't understand any of this, but all the words and even several of the posts prior, evoke varying levels of feelings that I can't quite put entire labels upon (though not being able to label hasn't ever stopped me from feeling anything). But it is strange to feel something from these words, when together most of them don't really quite make logical sense to me. I get impressions of things and feelings, but not sense of what the whole is about.

Maybe its just me who can't grasp a whole other than feelings. See what you think.

Notes from the Dovecote- These were possibly more rational somehow than the rest to me: "To speak again soon, despite, let it be. To happily hold the head and hand, a joyful embrace so long in the waiting has at once arrived and speaks fondly, a wonderment and kind word, a solace and respite together and to share again.

For the love."

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really posted on Tuesday before midnight.

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