Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Moonlight and Santa Anas.

Heading westward on the 210 it was behind me and I was caught up in thoughts and music and trying to drive with awareness and not looking in the mirror except for microsecond glances to try to keep the other cars headlights out of my eyes.

Taking my exit, a declining elevation with an slow eastward turning curve, suddenly there it was hanging just over the mountains to the east in much, much larger than normal splendor. The moon almost full, with the palest hint of lemony color, blue tinged around the top right, not yet full edges, bright fuzzy halo surrounding it (though that could have just been my failing eyes) and a glow underneath earthward that suggested that even away from city lights the night would be well lit.

It was an incredible sight that added more pleasure to the feel of the winds coming from the west. With wind clearing out the skies for a real glimpse of stars twinkling in the clear night, it was a sight to share. Only one looked out the window from upstairs.

"Uh, huh, nice." Well, at least he looked.

How does the moon become that size? What trick of atmospheric conditions magnifies it? Where does that particular color come from? How perfect of the universe to give me warm wind gusts and a most beautiful moon all at the same time.

Frilling amazingly magical!

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