Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wednesday daytime Santa Ana's.

The wind is blowing strong this morning; earlier the temperatures were cooler. I can feel a touch of the heat that the day may bring. The weather people on television have said it will be cooler today, but I long ago learned not to trust them entirely. I used to be able to offer better forecasts than they. Besides there is not much difference in feel to an 85 or 92 degree (F) outside temperature except for what the thermometer shows. Only humidity makes much of a difference in feel and we have very little.

Last night, it was warm enough to have had the glass door to the deck area open all night and all the east facing windows open, but cool enough that I needed a blanket to sleep. The breezes were around, but calmer, only sometimes causing the wind chimes to strike tones. Night blooming Jasmine was in the air though- a deliciously overpowering scent at times. Today promises in this moment to have the stronger winds.

The blinds clink all over the house and the wind chimes ring madly, but it is the sound of the wind in the trees that catches my attention. I can hear the forcefulness of the Santa Ana's only barely held in check. They call to me. I need a half summit up and away from the daytime city noise so I can feel, taste, hear them- alone from labeling eyes, so I can dance with them.

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