Friday, March 12, 2004

Thursday blogging words got lost

Thursday blogging got lost in a windstorm of concern and worry for one underlying the pleasant and happy parts of my day. There were moments of smiles for others in their accomplishments, moments of well received encouragement I gave for their work, nice words to me about my assistance in some areas and even long passages of words from an interview with me, quoted in exactness- valued enough to use, though they now make me cringe a bit. I could have been more thoughtful, less wordy, and more concise about the value I was talking about.

The temperature of the actual weather was too warm by ten degrees or so, but the night was cool, crisp and pleasant as most desert nights are. No night blooming jasmine in the air to scent the night though, because the winds had died down. I think I must investigate planting some of my own. The scent of it is almost intoxicating, bringing unexpected smiles.

Not that I need intoxication exactly, because life has become soaring and sinking at the same time, often in almost the same measure and moment. It is so strange to soar and sink at the same time; to smile, laugh and cry; to feel tenderness, love- selfless and selfish and sadness. So strange to feel all and everything at once and not know what to do with some of the excesses.

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