Saturday, October 01, 2005

Balanced Brain ?

I was going through the   SoulCollage   book and thinking about the different parts that might belong in the Committee suit. That led to thinking about the analytical/logical/rational part- and how I might represent that. That part sometimes stops me from feeling in depth, but also is the source of my (often, not always) ability to react quickly and decisively in an emergency, rather than being taken over by grief, panic, anxiety or fear in the moment.

More later - First I will be clipping some images, and setting up some place to store them and the supplies. I am so disorganized at home these days that I resolved some time ago not to start anything else without a place and way to organize it- there are probably a couple of cards dealing with those aspects of me, too. ;-)

At any rate, googling first logic, then rational, then analytical, looking not for images specifically, but things to stir thought, somehow I stumbled on the   Tickle test for left/right brain  use - a tangent, but not so far removed. ;-)

My results:

balanced brain

On an entirely different note, this year in my life is coming to a close. Two wake-ups and I will be in a new one.

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