Monday, October 10, 2005


Stealing a phrase from Andy for the title of the post, here are some pictures from Saturday that have nothing to do with the rest of the notes at the end, but everything to do with keeping my sanity somewhat intact..

Hawk that I wished I had a telephoto lens to photograph... the photo is highly tweaked with picassa. One of the crows was pestering this hawk in the air, flying it into this tree (at the edge of our property). The hawk fussed about in what appears to be a crow's nest then flew to lower branches. Meanwhile the crow kept up a constant squawking signaling its upset with the hawk- but from a safe distance even though they were close to the same size.

With a little squinting and imagination this looks a bit like a hand with an upturned palm, fingers slightly curled and thumb on top... Anyone see it, or something else?

I took a huge number of photographs of various lilies on the property on Saturday. A surprising number of the closeups came out well (a reason to use my left eye to focus more often, perhaps?), but I can't choose among them to post just one (there are a few on Flickr), so offer up this grouping.

And the more personal...
Yippie... I have a neurologist appointment on Wednesday morning (seeing my own doctor on Thursday afternoon).... wheels turning, ball rolling... and they called me!

well... Ok, not yippie that I need to go, but yippie that the system works even when one doesn't patiently follow the long winding yellow line.

I am not going to turn this into a medical condition blog.. but I don't think I will hide whatever comes next, though I'm of mixed minds. I'm still me, this is still a personal journal and I have tried to use this to reflect some aspects of me that don't get a chance to be expressed in the face to face world.

I want to thank Chameleon at Redemption Blues for the wonderful photograph she dedicated to me on her website. I am quite touched by the gesture and words fail me. It now resides in my rotating wallpaper and screensaver program where I can get lost in the marvelous image.

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