Friday, September 30, 2005

If you need to breathe, Los Angeles isn't the place to be this weekend. I haven't anything clever to say or much to stir thought... just some photos from the day. I took some yesterday of the smoke from the Topanga/Chatsworth fires, but today the Burbank fire was the one that concerned me as it includes an area that is directly south of me about three miles or so as the crow flies. It was raining ash all day and that combined with the view of the smoke made it seem much closer than it was. Still, 3 or 4 miles is too close had the wind continued. The fire area continues to grow according to the latest teaser for the 11 pm news, but it hasn't crossed the 210 freeway.

11 am in Sunland Posted by Picasa

12:23 pm Posted by Picasa

12:29 pm Posted by Picasa

Foothill Blvd. looking east 3:36 pm coming back from a meeting Posted by Picasa

Sunset Posted by Picasa

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