Monday, October 31, 2005

"Fire and Ice"

Fire and ice
You come on like a flame
Then you turn a cold shoulder
Fire and ice
I wanna give you my love
But you'll just take a little piece of my heart

You'll just tear it apart

~Pat Benatar, Scott Sheets & Tom Kelly "Fire and Ice"

weekend sunset Weekend Sunset... a little fire ...

I ordered some music recently and it arrived today- Linda Rondstat, Pat Benatar - greatest hits albums for each and a quieter mood CD by Secret Garden. Linda went into the player first, followed by Pat. I did a little dancing in between waiting for any trick or treaters... and thought about the lyrics and songs I liked the best.

I think I am going to burn a cd for the car with my favorite Sheryl Crow, Melissa Ethridge, Pat Benatar, some of the old Rondstat songs plus a few other female artists- strong, forceful, some happy, some angst, but all powerful stuff. Even lamenting love lost, or moving on without- their music seems to feel empowering right now and creates a mood I wish to stay in for a while.

I'm feeling the barest wisp of a touch of anxiety about Friday (not the process, but the results after) and this is a busy week all around, so posts and pics might be a little sporadic until next week. ... maybe.

later addition:

October is always the start of my new year, and while there have been changes this month in the 'feel' to life, I haven't found the mental key that I'd been working to find. Still... changes are in the air; some intended, some hoped for, some positive, and some have been systemic shocks that required adjusting to, a bit like aftershocks adjust and release the stress buildup in other fault zones. But that's how change goes, isn't it?

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