Sunday, September 11, 2005

MSIE users- small request

Ok.. ok... Here I was giving suggestions to someone about viewing pages in Firefox a week or so ago, and turns out I haven't cleared up my own opposite problems, though I remember trying to troubleshoot them way back when I changed the template. I think I must have gotten sidetracked..

My ex hubby is correct, the page is wonky here when viewed in MSIE which is still 58% of visitors (darn it). The sidebar starts to load, then slides itself to the bottom of the page below the posts.

I'm assuming it's a problem with MSIE reading CSS- and the 75-25% (brain cramp- think I changed that in trying to solve the problem the first time) 75-20% alignment... but I can't remember how to fix it, short of inserting something that says if this browser use this and if anything else, use this... and I can't find the place that I took notes about how to do that..

Suggestions or steer me in the right direction, please?

Update: I moved a couple of things to the footer (I think the problem was the Blogs by Women blogroll) and it seems to be displaying ok now in MSIE, though I wish that hadn't been necessary. IF you are viewing with IE- please leave a comment about how it looks. Thanks.

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