Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fires, first day of classes

Classes started again for me tonight. I will be required to drive to campus two days a week- which is about $12.00 (U.S. of course) worth of gasoline! Plus it means that Thursdays will be 13-14 hour days with an hour or so break between clients and a late evening class meeting. It is a good thing I didn't take on more clients. I can already hear an inner voice starting to whine. But there is an ultimate goal, it is only for ten weeks and as Nietzsche said, "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger", right?

From the east, coming over the top of the last of the hills just before Sunland after class, I could see the Chatsworth fires burning in the distance. From my view it looked as if there were multiple fires burning on either side of the 118. We sure did go to extremes- from rain on Monday to humidity levels below 25% today, Santa Ana winds and the reminder that no matter that it rained twice in two weeks, we are in fire season.

This is a view in July of an area near that which appears to be burning tonight in Chatsworth. The Simi Valley (118) Freeway is in the background.

Off to vegetate a bit and sleep now- it will be a very long day on Thursday.

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