Friday, September 02, 2005

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Fix This
"If you read nothing else about the situation in New Orleans, read this transcript of an interview New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin did with Garland Robinette of WWL Radio:"
Ray Nagin: ... and to give me executive powers, to authorize me to dictate and to manage military resources down here, and I'll fix this for you.


You call him right now, and you call the governor, and you tell them to delegate the powers that they have to the mayor of New Orleans and we'll get this damn thing fixed.


It's politics, man, and they're playing games and they're spinning, they're out there spinning for the cameras.
There's much more- the entire interview transcript is worth reading.

Among too many other tragedies to note, its been five days since the folks were evacuated from Tulane University Hospital right across the street from Charity Hospital, which has still not been evacuated, still doesn't have water or food or power.

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