Saturday, February 12, 2005

Words to remember

I surely identify with these words: "this sense of closed in grey dampness beats at the mind and the heart and could lead me into a spiral of depression if I were to focus on the obvious of rain and low cloud" at AnimatedStardust : Hearts Desire.
I think I said something a week or more ago about how much more sensitive I seem to be this year to our more than normal amounts of rain and grey days.

A bit later she says: "This morning as I stared out into the gloom of another grey low cloud day I was aware of how much light there really was filling the valley. It brought back something I had read a few days ago which said this ‘Deferred life inevitably means lost opportunity’. When I read this line it made me really stop and consider how much of my life has been put on hold for various reasons and if any of those reasons were steering me away from my hearts yearning and a way of life that echoes and interprets this in my day to day living.

Here in this valley I have object lesson in joy, which is what I would see as the opposite of deferred living. ..."

Her indirect prescription and inner reflection are worth reading the whole and for me a reminder that I need to continuously reframe the way I look at these kinds of days.

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