Thursday, February 03, 2005

Maybe not entirely socialization?

As a follow-up to the Harvard University president's outrageous statements regarding the mental abilities of women, there is an interesting supposition/ theory here about why women and men might have differences in their math abilities.

I wonder if the supposition about cognitive impairments from iron deficiency anemia, coupled with the socialization aspects that have been theorized (based on the results of studies comparing all girls math and science classes with coed math and science classes over various ages), might be a truer picture than what we know to date?

Frankly, my thoughts have always been that the differences were purely from western style socialization. I am not sure if culture studies on this by gender have been done. It isn't an area that I want to review the literature, but if it hasn't been done, it might make an interesting women's studies research project- even the iron deficiency anemia aspect might be an interesting cross discipline study.

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