Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's still raining...

The official rainfall totals in downtown LA- for the year (from July 2004 through now) are over 31 inches. I am sure the Foothills, Sunland in particular, have received more than that ("upslope areas", yada, yada, yada). Normal rainfall for the year measured from downtown LA (July to July) is about 15 inches. It won't be an earthquake that sends LA into the ocean, it will be too much rain and we will simply slip, slide away (now I will have Simon and Garfunkel on my mind all evening ;-) )

News Photo/Images:
LA Times image gallery at the side along with rainfall totals etc. (requires registration and is free but sends out spam/ad mail)
Newsday.com similar story, photo gallery etc. along the side (is free and no registration)
NBC4 ; image links scattered within the story body.
CBS news, national has some interesting photos within the story.

I need rainbows, sunlight and an end to this rain. I am sure there were more rainbows today, but everytime I went looking they weren't on display for me. This rain may stop by Wednesday night or Thursday, but "they" are already talking about another storm coming in next week.

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