Sunday, February 06, 2005

We will see what shakes out

Bush Budget Aims to Cut Many Domestic Programs

Ah, yes. In his last four years, he wants to keep the faithful happy- keep all those promises he must have made to be reelected- and cut as many programs as he can to shape up government spending and the budget- that HE screwed up.

So he will pick on the poor, the elderly, the less organized - all the usual targets of Republican budget cutting. It is a little late to be finally thinking fiscal restraint, but this way when the Dems balk at cutting so many social programs and non-defense budgets, the Repubs can make their usual outcries during the next congressional campaigns; "See all those irresponsible Dems trying to spend all that money we don't have". It would wise for the Dems to have a strong counter prepared ahead. It is easy enough for anyone to see what is coming.

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