Thursday, February 03, 2005

State of the Union- too tired to really feel

I watched pieces of the State of the Union address after I got home from class. I watched the end of one repeat on CSPAN while I was eating a late dinner (alone as usual) and the beginning of another on CNN before I unintentionally, but not so unexpectedly fell asleep. I woke up after midnight - curled up on my side, glasses on, fully dressed (except stockings and shoes) with an afgan pulled up around my neck and the cat at my back.

For now the quick thoughts on what I saw will be posted on Corner in the next day or so.

I am considering moving all the posts from Corner and the other places and putting everything here- the political, links to remember, along with the quotes, thoughts and random bits of journal or other entries and the increasingly rare short essay things from the rest of my life. To hell with trying to categorize and keep it all separate- there is already too much segmentation of my life... but I could change my mind. ;-)

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