Tuesday, February 08, 2005

general chatter

Tonight and tomorrow night are midterm exams. I don't know how well I will do as I have allowed myself to get sidetracked several times (including now!). I don't usually "cram" for an exam, because if I haven't got it by now, it isn't going to stick in my head. But there are occasions when going over my notes has managed to reinforce one or two more things that were needed for an exam. Most of the time about half of any exam covers things that no one will ever really need again or if they do, they can look up easily enough. I doubt my professors feel that way, or surely they wouldn't give exams like that?????

I registered for some of my spring classes:
Sociological and Cultural Factors in Counseling (lecture)
Group Counseling (lecture)
Counseling Practice (Internship)
and I am thinking about taking Child Maltreatment and Family Violence (lecture). That would make it 15 units which is a lot of hours. It would be nicer to take it easy for a quarter if I could, so I don't know. I have three weeks to decide.

I did make a list (nice excel workbook) of all the courses I would need (and when they are supposed to be offered) for a dual masters, and for various certifications in things like Career Counseling and Higher Ed counseling. It wouldn't be overwhelming to do, just a little more time. If I am not going to go for the Psy.D. then I think I really want the dual masters (Master of Science in Counseling, with Rehab and MFCC, plus a couple of certificates). We'll see. I am almost done with the Counseling core and the Rehab courses. Rehab only courses could be completed by next Fall.

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