Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why do we watch?

I was going to watch a drama tonight on television and got sidetracked leaving the television softly going in the background. The favorite of the local Los Angeles television news stations is on right now- a car chase on the freeways. This time it is a stolen ambulance. I realize it probably seems like "good action reporting" to the station- something for the helicopters to do to earn their keep- but these things are tedious to see mile after mile after mile- and of no value to show while they are going on (people in cars can't see/hear the television news usually, and people at home generally don't care). The only thing that comes to my mind is that it must be a slow news day in their opinion.

As I am writing this the ambulance has flipped on its side, and rolled over and over on a freeway bridge. They are showing it in slow motion- repeatedly.

And I turned my head to watch one of their replays!!!!! ... aggghhhhh.... I really dislike the behavior of folks who must slow down to gawk at cars on the shoulders and accidents on the freeways- what the heck made me turn my head to watch it on television? Maybe that is the reason the television stations will spend their entire news time focused on this sort of "breaking story"- because even folks like me who don't want to see this "live" will watch at some point?

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