Thursday, December 08, 2005

not ready to compromise

"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise." ~Robert Fritz

Today was a longer day than I had hoped, but not too much more than I expected. It began early with one of the first of the day appointments with the optometrist at Kaiser who has a unique sense of humor and apparently makes notes in his files about obscure personal details because he asked and mentioned things that have nothing to do with vision and everything to do with keeping things friendly and light-hearted. My overall vision (not the weird episodes of single eye blurring) has worsened enough that a new prescription and glasses were necessary and it was suggested that I come back in 9-12 months instead of 18 next time. The expense is one I hadn't planned.
Some of the positive things about going in early in the morning:
Parking cost the minimum amount since there are no attendants at the lots until later.
There is minimal waiting time because they haven't had a chance to get behind.

I see the opthamologist again next week and then I only need to squeeze in one more medical visit this month. I am tired of seeing white coats and I have spent a couple of paychecks with this recent stuff and the new glasses (not counting medications). I fear turning into the old woman who tells everyone about every ache and pain and medical pronouncement. ;-)

This was the last day of classes and I got through all the university paperwork needed for reinstatement and also financial aid, though I still need to go back when they process it (hopefully one week), pay them cash and then make sure that everyone turns in grades on special forms.

And perhaps most importantly to looking forward:

I picked up the application for the second master of science in counseling degree, for the MFC option, got the advisor's office location and telephone number to make an appointment. The application deadline is February. I need to decide within the next couple of weeks so that there is time to gather the necessary paperwork and letters of recommendation.

In addition, I was discussing with another aging boomer of the same decade, the goal of a Psy.D (clinical psychology doctorate- sans research). He intends to go for that goal and his boss who is about five years older than I am has just begun that course of study. It was a dream of mine. Perhaps I should quit thinking of myself as being too old and tired to reach that goal, and instead consider that I always intended to keep working at least part time and die "with my boots on" (there was a wonderful past post at Sacred Ordinary with a picture of beautiful boots talking a little about this, but I couldn't find it and it's past time for sleep.)

Dr. "Stormwind", psychologist, sounds like a pretty good way to use the end part of my life, too.

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