Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Crows, days and changes

"Learn one thing from a lion; one from a crane; four a cock; five from a crow; six from a dog; and three from an ass." ~Chanakya

One of my spirit guides has been a crow... Among other things he/she shows up in my dreams to point out something significant and sometimes speaks English or at least it seems that way to me. Often when I have dreamt of this crow, I see crows everywhere the next day when turning over whatever thing has been pointed out in my dream. The logical part of me says it is just that I notice them more.. the other side of me thinks signs.

When I was briskly walking daily first thing in the morning a few years ago, a group of crows would show up every day and perch on different high points and turns of the roughly oval .2 mile route I would walk in the complex driveways. They would stay perched like guardians as I walked and meditated for 1-2 miles, only talking if my focus wavered- as if they knew. That isn't my only encounter with odd behavior from crows seemingly connected to or directed at me in the physical world.

In various mythologies, crows are often thought to be messengers between the physical and spirit world. In my dreams, they frequently signal change... change needed or change coming.

The crow of these two pictures was on campus last week.

This week is full of places to be early every morning (Tuesday could be a 12 hour day with clients) and afternoon- clients with extra needs and hours, medical appointments, an office holiday gathering, routine errands, plus checking on that University paperwork problem and possibly driving to campus somehow on one of the days. I did this all to myself. I need to learn to plan a little better, to be a little less optimistic when setting up weeks with extra appointments.

Past about 7 hours on a good day, I start fading fast and this week I'm dealing with new/old autoimmune symptoms just like 30 years ago, which was a surprise (If something has been more or less in remission for thirty years, it ought to stay that way!!). A clue to lead the doctors with, is probably the best way to view this if I can't just ignore it or make it go away. Perhaps my crow will show up in dreams to tell me. Maybe an animal who could gift me with a little more stamina would be more helpful... or maybe infusions of caffeine at the right moments, will work. ;-)

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