Tuesday, December 20, 2005

more political

Wirearchy linked a post by The Rude Pundit, which is worth reading and so I wandered to the current posts and found this one which sounds rather similar to a few of the things I was thinking listening to Bush..... though these are written oh so much more cleverly: The Rude Pundit : Live Vodka Shot Bloggin' of the President's Press Conference

Yeah, that makes two posts in two days on Tangents about the Bushies and Corner languishes and dies waiting only for the old posts to be moved. I can't resist an occasional scream in the dark, somewhere. Sorry.... Sort of...
I try to channel my outrage into something useful, at the very least emails and faxes to Congress (not that those are always useful except in the overall tally of  for and ag'in's to put a little fear about a re-election into some Congressperson)- but sometimes venting elsewhere is necessary.

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