Monday, December 19, 2005

the calendar changes date

Calendar changes date
though not yet done with the old day. Stopping
past the midnight hour,
and in a blink the clock moves past
creeps onward to two.
Alarms and sunlight will come
too soon. once again
Awake mind tumbling, stumbling,
tripping over
facts, to-do's, people close and far,
lives lived and living, futures not here
time passed and passing.
Joy, sorrow, tears, laughter.
Demands self imposed, work, appointments, chores, errands,
The week ahead
Running out of time before it begins.
Seeming unendless lists of unscratched off items,
to those overloaded camel and precarious one more straw
proportions and elusive balance.
Silence surrounds me
except within...
and the calendar changes date.

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