Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Learning styles inventory

Usually not strongly dominant in any one particular area (I use different strengths for different things), this learning styles inventory result is similar to others I have taken, except for having a category for social and solitary. Most of the ones I have found useful focus on slightly different areas- such as kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. A good instructor uses all to reach the majority of students in a group. One on one, it is useful to use a particular student's dominant areas- which means that it is useful to be able to use different styles to teach or guide.

Style Scores (each area is 20 maximum).
Visual 13
Aural 11
Verbal 13
Physical 10
Logical 10
Social 8
Solitary 18

Try it yourself for free at Learning Styles Online.Further information on the various styles are also available for free.

I have no idea what sent me in search of psychometric tests this night. I started out looking for a quality of life inventory and one thing led to another. My stop at Starbucks around 4 pm, probably helped keep me going today through a 10.5 hour work day with no long breaks or a real lunch.

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