Friday, December 16, 2005


Wandering around comparing Google Earth to Windows Live Local, there is no comparison when looking at remote areas like the place I grew up. There might be more detail and better pictures for large cities, but out in the boonies all one sees is a bland map with WLL.

Here is the Google Earth map:

I can't download a pic from Windows Live Local, but I do have a link to the map generated from similar parameters.

I was completely surprised to find that the Lake Lemon Conservancy District has an entry on Wikipedia with the history, management and external links for the lake. My Dad was one of the key players in forming the Conservancy District, and president of the Conservancy for a few years. He is still very active in the decision making. In the Wikipedia article there is mention of the various wildlife that inhabit the area including Bald Eagles, the kinds of fish (2 dozen varieties according to Wikipedia), and of course all the details like overall size, depth and shoreline.

This is a pic from the LLCD website, used shamelessly without permission. I haven't been home in a while.. it's past time for a visit.

It was a great place to grow up. We spent time on the water, in the water and in the surrounding forests and hills. I knew all the best coves, the best places to fish, the best places for day dreaming and drifting or finding wild herbs and mushrooms. Winters were full of ice skating and a few snow days where no one could get to anywhere. It always took a couple of days for the snowplows to reach us. This time of year the ground was snow covered of course- at least in all my memories.

As a side note, it amazes me as time goes on how much information is available on the internet even compared to just five years ago.

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