Sunday, October 17, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 89
I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Dimension:: scope, picture, size; The dimensions of the problems Shrub has caused will not be known for years.
  2. Roger:: Daltrey; Rabbit; Miller; Major Roger Healey on I Dream of Jeanie; MR. Rogers; Roy Rogers
  3. CSI:: A favorite television show; smart slightly geeky men turn me on ;-) and I've liked Marg Helgenberger since her China Beach days
  4. Passenger:: along for the ride; taken to a place I don't wanna be
  5. Thankful:: for friends and family; Oh and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians
  6. Has-been:: I hope that's the description applied to Shrub in a few weeks and come January, he fades back to Texas
  7. Bambino:: 's curse.. A Red Sox fan lives in this home (not me)
  8. Wrinkles:: oh yeah, I have some. Why is it that some folks think that wrinkles add character to men's faces but for women it's just considered old?
  9. Cable TV:: the only way to get reception in the Foothills.. hundreds of channels but not much on; I'm waiting for the everything/anything ever on screen on demand channels. I have some serious indi-film catching up to do.
  10. Voicemail:: on my cell; took it off my land line- no one would get the messages except me. If someone wants to reach me when I am not home, either they have my cell number, or they can email, or maybe I don't need to talk to them. As to businesses, I don't call to get stuck listening to a hundred options, none of them fitting my particular concerns; give me a quick way to reach a live person or you better be the only one in town offering your service.
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