Wednesday, October 27, 2004

End of a strange day...

Today has been a strange day. And this will be a wandering, meandering post meant more for me to look back later to see what might have been happening- nothing particularly clever or thoughtful.

First, to Red Sox fans everywhere- Congratulations! The long curse is broken. The two Sox fans (one born in MA) in this house were still unwilling to trust it was going to happen until the very end. It seems to me this is an event something like hell freezing over.

While I was wandering around on the web I found Live Cams for Los Angeles Downtown, Burbank, Long Beach and LAX. Once upon a time I found a site with links to city type webcams from all over. I can't remember where it was and I am too lazy to do a Google search.

Today's weather in SoCal has been pretty strange- much more like January than October- but strange even if it was January. In the space of a few hours we had rain, hail, snow, wind, waterspouts, mudslides, flooding, and bright sun. Added to that was a 3.? earthquake (just a little shaker) near San Bernadino. The air is still unstable, so we are not necessarily done with it yet. The Mountain High ski resorts in Wrightwood opened for the season, as of noon today!! This is the earliest ever in their 60 year history- by a few weeks. The San Bernadino resorts won't be far behind. (oh and there are more cams with a little wandering around the Wrightwood site).

It was raining heavy, the worst downpour of the day (complete with lightning and loud thunder), when it was time for me to leave for the practicum class this afternoon. The Foothill freeway was closed completely for a while. I called the professor for the class and now am trying to figure out how to take public transportation on rain days for future events (the last time I sought information, the time required was purported to be four hours minimum and the cost was prohibitive).

Finding the information isn't easy.. MTA doesn't seem to recognize my location as one they serve (wrong, there are two MTA lines up here, and one of them surely runs to Union station or the local rail stop?!!). It looks like it will be one of those "you can't get there from here" type things. I was hoping to take a bus to the rail connection, rail to downtown Union Station, then bus to campus. I thought maybe that might be quicker. [sigh]. Public transportation in LA leaves a great deal to be desired.

Midterm exam on Thursday evening, but the rain is supposed to move completely out of the area by then. After that, I get to spend the weekend trying to get a little ahead of the work that will be due in the next five weeks. I will need the wiggle room and breathing space.

Last note: What's up with the television series, West Wing??!!! They seem to have killed off Leo after a disagreement with the President!! Awwww.. shoot. I liked that character. Somehow I can't picture Jimmy Smits taking over the Chief of Staff position.

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