Tuesday, October 05, 2004

After the VP Debate

Most of the thoughts are posted on Corner. But this little bit belongs here.

My twenty year old son registered to vote in the month before he turned 18- to be effective on his 18th birthday. He chose instead of a party and without any prodding on our part, to register as a "decline to state". In this home we have taught and valued independent thought, critical thinking and learning how to choose. I am rewarded by a son who is thoughtful and rational even when he does not always agree with my positions on various things and life issues. He thinks and decides for himself instead of blindly following or mouthing only other people's opinions.

After the debate, we (father, mother, son) were briefly discussing things like political party positions, how to sift the real from the promises, taxes etc and my son said: "If I were a multi-millionaire and sitting around my pool taking it easy every day, it is my obligation as a human being to help out those who are having more trouble. I would do that anyway, so paying a little more taxes shouldn't be that big a deal."

It brought to mind my watching him as a toddler putting pennies in all those "help me" coin boxes next to cash registers in various stores and having to explain why we couldn't afford to "adopt all" those starving kids on the television ads.

Oh yeah, proud Mom here.

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