Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rough week ahead

Midterms start this week and I won't be home for more than a quick run in and out the door before heading to class to take the test on Monday. Tuesday is a slight breather. Wednesday is no test, but I must do a double taping of mock counseling sessions, because I wasn't there last week. I still have several written assignments to upload (that aren't finished!). Thursday is the last midterm. Wish me luck and moments I can steal to review terms multiple times, and finish the written assignments.

It doesn't sound like much, but some of the material isn't easy to remember; medical aspects= condition specifics, rehabilitation potential.. and a term/numeric rating system for various things like age, activity restrictions, etc. The other test is on the history of vocational rehabilitation including laws and their overview, remembering dates and specifics. [Sigh].. I will be glad when some of this sort of thing is over. I need to know these things, but my area of specialization isn't likely to be strictly voc rehab (though that is where the pay might be better, but I am not in it for the "riches". Ha!)- so some of the material is useful, some is less so.

There is more rain in the forecast this week. I hope it holds off or else only rains in the daytime. I will have no choice about driving in it.

And now having posted my Unconscious Mutterings for the week and this, I am off to sleep at an almost reasonable hour for a change.... with medically prescribed sleeping assistance... still later than I had planned.

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