Monday, October 18, 2004

About driving in the rain

Perhaps I should explain a little. One of my pet peeves is people who hang on to their driver's license long after they should have turned it in. They are a danger to themselves and everyone else. I have vowed never to be one of those people. When that day comes for me, I have a problem living here in Los Angeles, and especially in the Foothills. Public transportation isn't that efficient and it takes triple and often more the amount of time to get to somewhere, but I will still voluntarily give up driving (San Diego and San Francisco look much friendlier from that vantage point).

I am not that old, but my vision has deteriorated in odd ways. I won't describe them all, but they don't seem to be just the normal pattern of aging. One of the things that happens due to the combination of oddities in my vision at night, is that I react to the suggestion of movement in the periphery. Under normal conditions I can tune some of that out- the rational mind overriding the primative brain.

With my newest glasses some of my night problems have decreased and I feel comfortable when driving familiar routes- not complacent, but comfortable. If I am in an unfamiliar area, then it is a little anxiety producing and I only drive if it is necessary. If it rains and I try to drive at night, it is a nightmare and I am probably dangerous- so I avoid that almost entirely. My reaction times are still quick, only in the rain I find myself reacting to both real and not real situations and not entirely able to override that fight or flight system.

I looked at the projections for the storm tonight, and it had changed from likely to NOT be raining at 9PM, to likely would be raining at 9PM. I stayed home from class. I dislike missing class, but know I shouldn't be out there and it was the responsible thing to do.

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