Friday, October 08, 2004

Girls Like Me

I have enjoyed Mary Chapin Carpenter's songs and lyrics for a long time. Some of the music melodies of her albums as her career moved along, began to sound a lot like her previous albums (and this one appears no different), but her lyrics often have something that catch a tiny little piece of parts of me or something I recognize from the past.

The newest album is Between Here And Gone

Lyrics for Album: Between Here And Gone
Lyrics for Song: Girls Like Me

Girls like me aren’t hard to find
We grow like roses on the vine
We wear our hearts on our sleeves
You probably know a girl like me.

We live alone and in our heads
We eat standing up or in our beds
Guilt and fear merge easily
In the quiet souls of girls like me

And loneliness is like a cold,
Common and no cure we’re told
We take to bed per chance to dream
In the blue light of the TV screen.

Girls like me like summer light
And cold beer on a summer night
And boys who aren’t afraid of what they see
Inside the eyes of girls like me

And hopefulness is like a drug
It makes a girl believe in love
And if somehow you love us back
You think there’s something wrong with that

Girls like me aren’t hard to trust
Your deepest secret’s safe with us
And when it’s time to set you free
You can always count on girls like me

It’s good to know a girl like me
You used to love a girl like me

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