Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday notes

Some days I barely have a chance to read the news, let alone visit my favorite blogs. Some days I only get a chance (by choice) to read a few blogs. Some days I post several times with things to say or places I wanted to note, and some days there are no words I want to share with the world.

Today I was quickly viewing pages from some of my favorite folks and stumbled across a few by Liz at I Speak of Dreams which referenced Bloggers born in various years (go check- she has before 1930, 1930's &1940's) and also referenced The Ageless Project (check that out and those sites too; for example there are 3 bloggers born in the twenties, 7 born in the thirties, 59 born in the forties, 179 born in the fifties! This looks like it might be a good project to support).

Clicking on a few links (I think from "I speak of Dreams", though I confuse easily sometimes) I found this site:
My Mom's Blog. Millie (born in 1925) tells and writes great stories.

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