Friday, October 01, 2004

Little Bits- On Daily Life's Outer Edges

SpaceShipOne will make its next attempt on Monday, October 4. Unfortunately I can't go to Mojave that day. :-(

Mt. St. Helens is having some hiccups. volcano-cam here, Cascades Volcano Observatory pages here. The geologists must be having a great time. I sort of wish I was there, geology is one of my interests. USGS home pages here.. This would be a cool time to be teaching Intro to Geology.. Seismology, Vulcanology... way cool, with all the real life examples happening all around.

The debate -( written transcript )- last night was a win for Kerry, and Shrub fans might consider that their guy should have done a better job since he knew the questions before hand. More comments later at Corner of Babble.

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