Sunday, April 18, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 63
I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Virginia:: Jamestown founded 1607; Cornwallis surrender 1781; one of original Thirteen States 1788.
  2. Soft:: gentle, tender, affectionate, loving. Would the expression in your eyes soften when first seeing me? Would your voice?
  3. Carol:: King, Carole, songwriter, singer
  4. Vanity:: dressing table with mirror; Who is this person staring back; how did she get here and why does she sometimes look the way she remembers her grandmother? Vanity Fair magazine.
  5. Feminist:: Why isn't everyone in favor of political and economic equality for all?
  6. Alias:: an also known as; a television show I sometimes like but forget to watch.
  7. Coward:: Noel, biographical sketch , roles and writings, a quote: "On lunching with Queen Elizabeth II: "It was all very merry and agreeable, but there is always, for me, a tiny pall of "best behaviour" overlaying the proceedings. I am not complaining about this, I think it is right and proper, but I am constantly aware of it. It isn't that I have a basic urge to tell disgusting jokes and say "f**k" every five minutes, but I'm conscious of a faint resentment that I couldn't if I wanted to." more quotes.
  8. Beer:: in the distant past, I occasionally drank one.. not sufficiently enough of a fan to have any strong preference for a particular kind.
  9. Chance:: random event or? Jung, The mystery of Chance. Still haven't calculated those random probabilities; still haven't figured out all the variables. Chance, Synchronicity & Mind-Writing
  10. Honest:: a value that I practice, and a quality that I value in others.

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