Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Juggling at the level of my knees

When juggling if even one of the balls is fumbled, the rest of them start to be caught at lower and lower levels to the ground. Working everything back up to elbow height is difficult, but hopefully not impossible.

Obligations for papers for classes and midterms soon (how is it midterm already!!!), obligations for my internship (how could I be behind on hours already), obligations for graduation requirements, obligations for the masters program application, and a ton of personal items that need taking care of (including refilling blood pressure meds which is critical under the circumstances and where the heck are my new glasses?)- suddenly were being juggled at about the level of my knees.

I overlooked a series of various deadlines and all of them came due at once. I have the most urgent one semi under control and now am working on the rest. It could be that the entries here will be sporadic for the next little while. Then again, since this is one way I relieve stress at times, it could be that writing here could increase.

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