Friday, April 16, 2004

Andromeda Ascendant (Sci Fi)

Yes, I am a science fiction addict. I watch all sorts of those types of series, movies and read sci fi and fantasy novels. They don't even have to be that well written or well acted for me to enjoy them. That genre is one of my favorite escapes from the rest of the world.

I stumbled across the Andromeda Ascendant site from a string of blog reading and side links that I can't recall now (the television series is Andromeda- one of Roddenberry's creations that didn't make the small screen until after his death).

The show always opens with a quotation that is usually interesting. It is often the highlight of the show. There are several I am going to post now.. because I can.. because I don't feel like writing anything else tonight. You can find more at:
All Systems University.
In fact the website for Andromeda Ascendant is well done overall (for light amusement) as is the show's official site. There are even some stencils to print at the official series site to make some of Harper's shirt designs.

Some of the quotes:
"If hope is the engine of the soul, then duty is the navigator… and love is the fuel."
--Sani Nax Rifati, High Guard Supreme Commander
Persuasions and Exhortations
CY 4279

"Life? Hell, it's pretty much like a knife fight in a dirt-floor bar: If they get you down, you best get back up."
--Gunnery Sergeant Hywell Cy'Rabia,
CY 4681

"We say atoms are bound by weak attractors. Why not admit the truth: The universe is held together by love."
--Michio von Kerr, Wayist Physicist
CY 9942

"Here's everything I know about war: Somebody wins, somebody loses, and nothing is ever the same again."
--Admiral Constanza Stark, High Guard Chief of Staff
CY 9784

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