Saturday, April 03, 2004

PTypes - Personality Types

Temperament Score
Idealist 9
Rationalist 9
Traditionalist 8
Hedonist 4
Your temperament type is undetermined.

PTypes - Temperment Types
PTypes Weblog

By the way, this test is based on Keirsey Temperment Sorter which when I took it last (70 questions), also had a score of undetermined though it was closest to either ESFP (Artisan) or ENSP (Rational).

My last Myers Briggs results (several years ago) came out as ENTP, though intuition is the only really strong preference- the others are closer to borderline. (I would suspect this result was closer to an INTP or even an INFP about 30 years ago). (Note: there is a link at HTSTW for a myers-briggs like test, which I took- the long version and the results came up as ENFP).

The PType weblog link was found via Dave Pollard of How to Save the World and he has some thoughts and a few questions about the whole thing. He asks: "Are personality changes fundamental and enduring, or situational and transient?" My answer (not that I am an authority, just a lifetime of studying psych) is that
personality is a construct, subject to changes both from external and internal journeys as well as choice.

Since I am not an "I" on either Keirsey rankings or Myers Briggs (though the score on Myers Briggs is fairly close to their center line), then I fall outside his characterization of the majority of bloggers.

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