Friday, April 30, 2004

Misc. update

My interview with the committee to decide my acceptance into the program for a master of science degree in counseling is May 19. Two of my three letters of recommendation are in and filed with the office; my transcript hasn't turned up yet, but hopefully it and the third letter will arrive soon and that means I can quit juggling those balls for now. I don't have a clue about what to wear to the interview (should I go all out for the suit and heels?), but strangely enough that is the largest concern for me. AND that feels pretty good.

My internship is fairly rocky and though I started the quarter ahead in hours, I think I am behind now and will have to scramble a little to get my 120 hours finished. That doesn't feel so good. But I might ask if I can work in the computer lab or the classroom I was in and make some of those up in that manner. That would be very good as I miss the students I had been working with and the atmosphere of the classrooms.

I did ok on the one midterm I took (Medical factors in Rehabilitation) with medical conditions, anatomy, and terms, but the second midterm will be a take home one in Vocational career counseling, sent by email and is only three or four questions. Essays are required of course, which is not as much fun. I can write when I want, and when it suits me (of course for anyone reading the blog that is a matter of debate- but there are some fairly good older entries!), but writing for someone who isn't particularly clear about what they are looking for - and intends to grade the things on how well one covered the topic in his opinion- is a bit of a drag. I also did ok on my presentation (agency evaluation report) this week, which was a sort of midterm. I am assuming the paper it was based on was also more than sufficient for an A.

And that brings me one of the last two things I am juggling for academics, which is finding classes for summer- not an easy task. I need 4 upper division electives within my field, social work, health sciences, sociology, psychology or special education- and of course three of the classes I intended to take are no longer being offered due to budget cuts. The one class that is (computer applications for SW), meets for about 6 hours on one day because it is lecture and lab. I am rethinking that one.

What I would like is to take an introduction to American Sign Language, but it isn't an upper division class and I doubt my advisor will authorize it. Other classes I am interested in are in the areas of Communication disorders or in Special education- cognitive and social aspects, but both require pursuit of a degree in that field for the departments to authorize! I really don't want to fill up on sociology classes. There are only two 400 level counseling classes offered and I have taken both of those. The social psych class I wanted is not offered and most of the psych classes that are offered are 500 level and my advisor already told me he wouldn't authorize any of those. .... sigh.. So I am going through the entire list of classes offered in every department. I have this weekend to decide as program changes have to be put in the computer on Monday.

And that brings me to graduation requirements- last on the list. I don't have all the paperwork filled out, but that should be done today. If I can figure out what summer classes to take, and pay the fees for processing the grad request on Monday, meet with my advisor to put through the program changes and complete the checklist, then I actually might graduate by the end of summer. I don't know what that does to my masters program if there is some glitch in the paperwork for the undergrad degree.

So I am still juggling, but making progress in bringing everything back up to a reasonable number and height of balls in the air.

Note to self because my left ankle is very painful:
Shaving legs in the shower should be on that list of things I am too old to do any longer since I can't remember if I changed the cartridge in the razor (dull or sharp makes a huge difference); I can't see any hair at all on my legs without my glasses (which of course I don't wear in the shower) and ankles are tender and hurt when you slice/scrape off enough skin to require 2 one inch size bandaids for each slice. Possibly a new electric razor or else see if there are replacement heads for the old one I own, is in order.. or maybe I should consider waxing. I would much rather spend money on something else more useful like several books or a new electronic or digital toy. Why is it we have hair on our legs anyway? And who decided that women needed to shave it? Hmmm... and I wonder if that (shaving legs) is a cultural/country thing?

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