Thursday, June 16, 2005


I had just finished looking at recent quake activity (and thinking that there seemed to be an increase all around with microquakes) when we had a rather nice little shake.. rattled and shook everything fairly well, and lasted a few seconds longer than I expected, but not long... in the few seconds range... one of those things that feels like ten seconds or more, but was probably half or less.

nah, I didn't move from my chair but I did look around to make sure nothing was going to fall on me... Now I'm off to search for the epicenter and if there's time, to fill out a shake questionaire.

(and to play the guessing game we southern californian's do, it was about a 4 or 5 if it was a ways away ... smaller if it was closer... Sierra Madre fault? .. it seemed to come from the southeast.. or maybe from the other direction and it was the San Gabriel?)... easy enough to check my guesses.

later edits:
5.3 on the southern San Andreas near Yucaipa... long ways away -east and south... well I had the rough magnitude and my initial impression of from what direction correct.. ;-) of course I hedged my bet with the "or maybe from the San Gabriel"

I am not at all certain I like the look of the maps right now.. see my "Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh-My" post for links... can't drag and drop in Blogger's editor.. will reopen later with WBloggar.

3:32 pm: They may be downgrading the size of the quake to a 4.9 and hedging on the location to an offshoot of the San Andreas. Once sensitized, I begin to feel some shaking in the category of microquakes; also easier to feel if one is upstairs.. We have had a few aftershocks which is a normal sequence of events.
..Added some USGS Earthquake map links below hitmaps in the sidebar..

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