Friday, June 17, 2005

Time out

"Muddy water, let stand - becomes clear" ~ Lao Tzu

There are still thoughts swirling around, tumbling and getting lost in too many different spirals (still "Windmills" ;-) ).

The "muddy water" analogy works for a solution. I think I will let the water settle a while.

And once again I'm too tired to write (and there are no close to finished things in my file to use instead)..

I did a lot of mindless things in some moments this week.. among them was deleting a blog post accidentally, mailing a father's day card without a stamp (which i remembered doing almost exactly 24 hours later), forgetting which day it was when I had just written the day and the date moments before, walking into countless rooms in the house and not remembering why I was there.. and other similar goofs. All of them demonstrating I realized a while ago, that I was not paying attention to singular things, but going through many of them by rote. It suggests that this is an area that needs some work.

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