Monday, June 13, 2005

so much unsaid...

"One of the deepest truths about the cry of the human heart is that it is so often muted, so often a cry that is never uttered. To be sure, there are needs and feelings that we express quite openly; lying deeper are emotions we share only with loved ones, and deeper still the things we tell no one. We die with much unsaid. It is strange that members of a species renowned for communicative gifts should leave unexpressed some of their deepest yearnings, their smoldering resentments, their worries and secret hopes, their longings to serve a higher purpose." ~John W. Gardner
As so often is the case, I stumbled upon this while looking for something else, but this actually expressed something else that has been on my mind.

oh, and I decided that there is no sense in worrying; Murphy seems to have taken up residence here for a while, so I ought to just deal with it. ;-)

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