Tuesday, June 21, 2005

summer's here...

The Summer Solstice came with heat today and mostly clear skies which allowed our temps to rocket... I was out driving in the late afternoon. I don't remember how I managed all those years without AC in the car.

When I came out this evening from seeing clients and headed up Topanga Canyon, the full moon was low in the sky. One of those tricks of the atmosphere made it appear as a very huge round ball of strangely hued yellow hanging just above the mountains towards the south (much larger than I have seen in a very long time). I wish I had a camera that would have handled some pictures, it was beautiful enough to want to save.

I felt an urge to be in some wonderful high mountain clearing- dancing to celebrate.

Found a few pictures of the pacific moon on Flickr, but none that really capture what I saw... this one was pretty, though.

this one and this one have something approaching the color...

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