Sunday, March 27, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings Week 112

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. I’m waiting:: and not waiting too; definitely unzenlike ;-) waiting for things distant or more immediate is one of those things that if I am, then I am also doing something else too.
  2. Speak:: softly and with gentleness, up and out when it matters, or not, according to the situation
  3. Roger...:: the pilot and tower conversation bit from Airplane comes to mind
  4. Knock knock:: who's there? (anybody know any of those jokes? I could use a few G-rated ones for a youngster I see)
  5. Hybrid:: want a hybrid car that looks, well, not like the Prius; Honda's Accord looks ok, though pricey
  6. Can’t believe my eyes:: some days; maybe it would be better if that happened a lot of days to force actual seeing
  7. Hooked:: on a few 9 & 10 pm television dramas
  8. Pontificate::sigh... can... shouldn't; .. listen to some folks who do that frequently ; don't know why I didn't realize there was a noun definition
  9. Slime::green junk that the kids all think is so much fun on various shows over the years on Nickelodeon
  10. Unwelcome:: dust and the never ending amount of cleaning that is involved in keeping a home
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