Friday, March 18, 2005

more dentist

Massive quantities of antibiotic have been ingested so I can go to the dentist this morning for more extensive work. This time two areas of my mouth will be numbed and the weekend will be spent on a semi soft, mostly liquid diet. I am fairly anxious, and among the concerns are the last reaction to Novacaine which managed to numb the muscles and parts of one of my eyes for several days... anxious is actually a rather mild sort word for what I am really feeling... and no amount of reframing, attempt to change of perception, etc. seems to eliminate or change the feelings for long. Nonetheless, I am going.

This is one of those occasions I can envision the theorized three parts of self quite readily (Id, Ego, Superego or any of the other theorists names for those similar aspects).

It also always occurs to me that there is something weird about paying lots of money (lots and lots in this particular case) to put myself in a position to feel this level of anxiety.

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