Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Quarter completed


If I had been wearing a hat earlier, I would have tossed it up in the air and performed a couple of dance in place steps. It was a combined 'end zone dance' / 'Mary Tyler Moore show opening' sort of feeling.

I finished the last final exam for the quarter and also managed to squeeze in two trips to the associate dean's office to get various paperwork processed for (a.) grad status for financial aid, (b.) notice of my program officially checked and filed (there will be some changes I have to make, but that is future paperwork) and (c.) a request for "advance to candidacy" (which basically changes my grad status from G1 to G2, which allows me to register in the future either for a comprehensive exam or a thesis to finish my degree). That was later followed by a trek to the financial aid office to turn in the notice (signed by the AD) that says I really am a grad student, more paper to request some emergency funding (3-4 weeks from now) from the Feds and a trek to the cashier with requisite wait in line to pay some fees (and to get an explaination of what the balance owing in my record is all about). Whew...

When it was all done and I was about to leave campus, besides my shoulders feeling lighter, I noticed the skyline was really pretty (just before sunset) and dug out my camera only to find that it had a dead battery. Oh well.. maybe next time.

I think I am now entitled to some vegging out time tonight- no family requests allowed, no heavy thinking, no textbook reading, no paperwork (there are work things to do but they can wait until tomorrow morning), no thinking about deadlines, classes, money, next quarter or what happened today in the world.... though I might give some further thought to what exact camera I am going to purchase this weekend with money I have been hoarding since the end of December... purely selfish, indulgent thoughts allowed.


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