Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Murphy's here...

Murphy Laws These are good for several smiles; wandering around the rest of the website is informative and amusing too.

All that stuff about a full Tuesday and going to different meetings on opposite sides of the county today; well it was do-able (even in the rain), except I erroneously assumed that the dentist would see me this morning for an emergency. In fact one of the last things the dentist said to me on Friday was that I could come in any time this week if I was having problems.

While it is true, I can go there and sit in the full office to wait, according to the receptionist, they can't actually see me until they have caught up their schedule. Checking back at 10 and again at 11 (and again a couple of minutes ago), they are just further behind. I can get in to see them tomorrow of course, with an actual appointment, but then I will be into regularly scheduled weekly client visits...

sigh... Maybe I can increase the dosage of ibuprophen and add a heavy dose of anti-acid in hopes of protecting my stomach. This isn't turning out to be a very nice spring break.

I know, I know.. reframe, change the way that I am looking at this.. There must be some positive angle..
For instance, if I wait all day to see the dentist, I can't possibly go anywhere else in the rain this afternoon, thereby avoiding the usual Los Angeles rain nightmare... Somehow, that doesn't sound exactly positive either.


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