Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The news seems bleaker than usual...

The world looks pretty bleak today from a news standpoint.

Another kid shot up his school first killing his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend, this time on a Minnesota Indian Reservation. The dead numbered ten, including the boy who apparently shot himself afterwards. I am wondering how much of a news follow-up blackout of this will occur because it was on a reservation along with all the questions of why, including why don't we see these kids are in a crises before things like this happen?

The whole Terri Schiavo thing is very troubling from all sorts of standpoints. I don't believe the federal government should interfere in this for all sorts of reasons including overstepping its jurisdiction. The state courts have already decided several times. But I did listen to a seemingly unbiased report on CNN from Dr. Gupta, who also seems competent (but that doesn't make him a reliable source) which said the doctors who examined her cannot all agree if she is or is not in a persistive vegetative state.

There is also this curious mention in the news reports that I missed until pointed out by a friend of mine- the House passed the special bill with sufficient members, but only three members were present in the Senate and it was passed by voice vote; three Senators- no others were present.

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