Monday, March 14, 2005

Sun, Wind and Scrambled Brains with a Side of Fist in Stomach

It's a beautiful sunshiny day with strong gusty winds, a beautiful blue sky (all the fog of the past many days is gone)and I feel happy, except for that growing little gnawing ball of tension in the pit of my stomach. I would go out and dance in the wind, except I think it would make that bit of tension increase- you know, that increasingly frantic, nagging thing that happens when you are doing one thing (or many) and know you really should be doing something else much more important.

This is the first day of final exams, and my brain is scattered instead of focused. The only thing to do is work with the scattered and see if I can find mental tags on which to hang certain pieces of information that will connect with those other logically arranged parts (that I know are up there somewhere) about specific topics, theorists and application of theories of counseling and psychotherapy- so I can figure out where they are (and specific what's) when the actual questions are in front of me.

Because I couldn't think of a clever title for this little journal entry, I Googled "monday titles" and ran across this little game that sounds like it could be amusing for a moment or two. Of course, I don't have time to play today, as it would require me to think about movies and titles, something I have a great deal of trouble with (titles that is; names, titles, actors, singers, songwriters, etc. all make me turn to my husband, the currently appointed keeper of trivia for this aging brain), but it would be entertaining to see the combinations others might choose.

Oh and the title above was derived from the post along with thinking about Fried Green Tomatoes... but not finding a suitably clever movie title to add at the end. In linear for me fashion my mind thought: fried, scrambled, sides to serve with... EXAM IN FIVE HOURS!

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