Monday, March 21, 2005

not finished with changes

Yup, I changed it; nope, I'm not finished... but I'm giving up for now to find ibuprophen (for my mouth which seems to have increased in pain since Friday; possibly the antibiotic isn't working), soup (because that's all I can eat thanks to the dental work and the pain) and something else to do for a while so I can come back to this fresh and figure out all my errors.

Any suggestions anyone might have are welcomed. I looked via IE and the sidebar may be too small, but in Firefox it is too large; no scratch that, it is too large in each and now appears the same size.. so I am stumped.. other than wondering if Firefox is actually fetching a fresh page on reload (it isn't, but if I remember to double click reload it mostly will)... I must not have changed one of the items that controls the sidebar font...

later.... sigh.. my head is swimming..

1 comment:

Dave said...

sorry to see oyur in pain, when all else fails sometimes 100 proof libation of some type helps! lol
hope you fel better soon.